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How to give grain or livestock to the Chouteau County Health Care Foundation

Community spirited farmers and ranchers often find it easiest to make gifts of grain or livestock.

Giving grain is easy

Simply notify the grain elevator that you wish to transfer ownership of a number of bushels to the Chouteau County Health Care Foundation account at the grain elevator.  The grain is sold at market price and the cash is transferred directly from the elevator to the foundation’s account.  Your gift will appear on your account statement as a transfer to the foundation.

The tax benefits are straightforward

When you give grain, the proceeds from the sale are not recognized as income for tax purposes. 

Because production costs of the grain or livestock are deducted on schedule F as a business expense, there is no additional charitable tax deduction available for the gift. You also avoid self-employment tax of 15.3% on the value of the gift and your adjusted gross income for both federal and state taxes is reduced.  The grain you give will not count as income in your government payments limitation caps calculations. Consult your tax advisor for further clarification about how this may apply to your personal situation. 


# Bushels Given




Price per bushel

$          4.00

$            4.00

$          4.00

Value of Gift

$        2,000

$          4,000

$        8,000

Tax Savings



$           792

$          1,584

$        3,168



$           178

$              356

$           712



$           306

$              612

$        1,224

Total Tax Avoided


$        1,276

$          2,552

$        5,104

Gifts of Livestock

A similar benefit exists for gifts of livestock.  You receive your business deduction for the entire cost basis of all cattle gifted to the foundation.  There is no recognition of income on the sale of gifted livestock.  There is no further charitable deduction.


As the Chouteau County Health Care Foundation ramps up our efforts to support the Missouri River Medical Center and other health care organizations in our county (such as the emergency network, ambulance service, etc.) we want to help farmers facilitate your generosity in the most tax efficient manner possible.


If you would like to support one or more health care charities with a single donation, please let us know and we will make arrangements for you to direct your funds to the charities of your choice. 

Please call Ron Young for more information.  406-622-2002

About Chouteau County Health Care Foundation

We envision our community, generously and joyfully supporting health care. The purpose of the foundation is to marshal the philanthropic resources required to advance, sustain, and improve the quality of health care in our community. 


Our objective is to build an endowment that will support health care in our county long into the future. At the same time, we will seek to support the ongoing operations of the Missouri River Medical Center, emergency services, quick response units, and other services that address the health care needs of people in our county.


As the primary health care charity of the county we aspire to earn the support of community members by using donated resources to effectively help people who need them most. 


Our Services to Givers

We serve you, our donors, by providing a way for you to support the health care needs of our community through planned giving instruments such as:


  • Bequests –Naming Chouteau County Health Care Foundation as a beneficiary in your will provides an immediate gift to the organization. You may choose to name a specific amount or a percent of your total assets. Or you may name a specific item to be given to the organization. To name CCHCF in your will, you need only to say something like,


    • “I/We leave to the Chouteau County Health Care Foundation , Fort Benton, Montana (a specific percentage or amount of total assets, shares of stock, etc.).”


    • Another option is a Residual Gift option which leaves a remaining amount to charity after all other heirs received their share. The precise wording is something you may discuss with your attorney.


  • Payable on Death Certificate - If you have money in bank accounts, CD’s, mutual funds, or other financial instruments, you may choose to name CCHCF as the beneficiary on a Payable on Death Certificate. This type of gift is simple to arrange. Your financial institution will provide you with the necessary forms and help you complete them. This type of gift transfers your assets directly to CCHCF as a charitable beneficiary, thus avoiding probate.


  • Montana Endowment Tax Credit - As an endowment fund, the Chouteau County Health Care Foundation enables all donors to participate in the Montana Endowment Tax Credit program which offers a credit against state income tax liability in the amount of 20% of the present value of any outright gift, or 40% of the present value of any planned gift to a permanent endowment of a Montana charity, to a maximum of $10,000 per year per taxpayer.


  • Charitable Trusts – We can help you establish a specially designed charitable remainder or lead trust, based on your individual financial goals and needs.